Palos de la luz de la pesca (LY3018TG, LY3025TG, LY4028TG, LY4537TG).

Palos de la luz de la pesca (LY3018TG, LY3025TG, LY4028TG, LY4537TG).

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Dirección: Qiange Xinzhaizi Ganjingzi District, Dalian, Liaoning, China
Tipo de Negocio: Fabricante/Fábrica, Empresa Comercial
Rango de Negocios: Artes y Antigüedades, Artículos de Deporte y Recreación, Lámparas y Faroles
Introducción de Empresa: Dalian Ocean Fishing Tackle Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of luminescent chemical products and an export-trading company. Founded in the major northern Chinese port city of Dalian in 2004, we have continually introduced advanced techniques and formulations from overseas, and developed our unique range of fishing glow sticks. Marketed under our ′Ocean Sun′ brand, these products are well known in the domestic fishing industry due to their high brightness and long usage periods.

For our quality products having earned us a good reputation around the world, we now output 50 million glow sticks every year. Not only selling well within China, these items are also exported to Europe, North America, South Korea, Japan and several other Asian countries.

Boasting a comprehensive quality control system and adhering to modern business management methods, we believe that we can work together to make the future brighter!
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Última Fecha de Inicio de Sesión: Dec 14, 2010

Tipo de Negocio: Fabricante/Fábrica, Empresa Comercial

Productos Principales: Fishing Light Sticks, Fish Finder, Bite Alarm, Fishing Glow Sticks, Chemical Light Sticks, Rod Holder

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