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Máquina de impresión suave (HSR-320C)

No. de Modelo: HSR-320C

Descripción de Producto

Información Básica
  • No. de Modelo: HSR-320C
Descripción de Producto

1. Adopts ceramic mesh roller to convey ink.
2. Magnetic powder brake and slutch control the feeding and rollingor discharging.
3. Each printing unit adopts 360-degree registering adjuster.
4. Each printin gunit is equipped with an assemble of auto infrared drying installation.
5. The inking roller can depart fromth emachine and rotate at low speed in order to keep the ink from drying when its stops.
6. The main motor adopts stepless governor converter.
7. It can finish in one time from feeding paper webs, printing, printing in corotating-reverse manner, glazing, automatic infrared drying, laminating, cross cutting and rolling. It is an ideal machine for the printing factories to print high-grade self-adhesive trademarks.
8. It can be equipped with gla.

Ruian Husong Printing Machinery co., LTD
Zhejiang , China
Cuenta Registrada en : 2007
Tipo de Negocio : Fabricante/fábrica

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