• Combustion Laboratory Testing System

Combustion Laboratory Testing System

Warranty: 1 Year
Tipo: Mask Testing Machine
Visualización: Digital
Fuente De Alimentación: AC220V
Burners: 6 Groups of 12 Burners
Gas Transmission System: 84kw /M²

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DR666-40R\ DR666-40RC
Combustion laboratory testing system

Combustion Laboratory Testing System

[Scope of application] :
The burning dummy test system is to simulate the thermal exposure process of the dressed human body (dummy) in the combustion flame to test the change of the dummy's surface temperature, predict the possible second and third degree burns on the skin and the percentage of the total burned area, and accurately predict the degree of skin burns on the body. The flame-retardant performance of various protective equipment such as fire uniform  can be evaluated and the influencing factors can be studied by using the combustion dummy test system in the flask-environment simulation laboratory of high simulation to simulate the high-risk environment of fire field.
[Related standards] :
ASTMF1930-2000, ISO 13506-2008, GB/T23467-2009 etc.

[Technical parameters]:

I. Combustion laboratory system
1. The combustion laboratory adopts the overall fireproof structure, the overall structure is composed of metal frame and flame retardant materials.
2. The effective size of the combustion test chamber is 4.0m (length) ×4.0m (width) ×3.0m (height), (the height of the construction space shall be at least 4m, and the building area shall be at least 50m2)
3. Ventilation and exhaust system
The test box is equipped with a pre-designed fan, according to the different stages of the experiment, automatically adjust the air volume for ventilation and exhaust, that is, to ensure ventilation and oxygen supply in the box during the test, but also at the end of each combustion, the exhaust gas in the box, and after data acquisition to supplement the cooling air in.
II. The explosion and safety control system
1. Burners: 6 groups of 12 burners
2. Gas transmission system:
Fuel delivery systems such as propane gas lines, pressure regulators, valves and pressure sensors are used to transfer gaseous propane to the ignition system and combustion nozzle. The fuel transport system can provide sufficient uniform heat flow with a heat flow density of at least 84kW /m² and a fuel transport time error of ±0.1s.
3. Security system: gas detector, door seal detector, flame detector, fire extinguisher, emergency stop device and other necessary safety systems.
III. Burning dummy system
1. The true form and size of the burning dummy is based on the adult male with a height of 1.8 meters. The dummy is composed of head, chest, back, abdomen, arms, hands, legs and feet, etc. The shell of the dummy model is made of non-metallic material with complete fire protection and good thermal stability (specific specifications can be customized)
2. The joints of the human body model are adjustable and can be put into various positions to meet the requirements of customers for special position testing of clothes (DR666-40RC only).
3. Heat flow sensor The heat flow sensor is installed on the body surface of the model, which can accurately test the change of the surface temperature of the dummy.
DR666 130-40 r type
Dr666-40rc 146 PCS (including independent head and hand test area)
Iv. 3D measuring system {dr666-40RC only)
The shrinkage rate of clothing before and after burning was measured by using three-dimensional digital measurement technology

Combustion Laboratory Testing System
Combustion Laboratory Testing SystemCombustion Laboratory Testing System

Computer centralized control system and application software platform
Using the self-developed software system, the whole experiment process is controlled by computer, and the data collection and analysis are automatically completed by computer.

Combustion Laboratory Testing SystemCombustion Laboratory Testing SystemCombustion Laboratory Testing SystemCombustion Laboratory Testing SystemCombustion Laboratory Testing SystemCombustion Laboratory Testing SystemCombustion Laboratory Testing System


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