Wenzhou Windmill Valve Co., Ltd.

Fabricante/ proveedor chino de Válvula de Latón, Válvula, Válvula de Acero Forjado.

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Descripción de Producto

Descripción de Producto

Wenzhou Windmill Valve Co., Ltd, a valve manufacturer, specializes in all kinds of industrial valves, conforming to international & national standards. We aim at the worldwide market. In the past years, 90% of our products were supplied to Europe, America, Middle East and Southeast China. As we possess a professional and excellent working group, we have the ability to control the entire process stricly, such as the purchase of raw material, the development of innovative designs and the advanced checking machine and so on. It is our brief to let each customer feel satisfied.
Products range: Gate, check, globe, wafer check, bellow sealed, ball, safety, butterfly, plug, ect.
Pressure range: From Class150 to Class2500,
Size range: From 1/2" to 32"
Temperature: From -196degree to 750 degree
Operation Type: Manual, Gearbox, Chain Wheel, Pneumatic, Electronic, Hydraulic-pneumatic etc.
Connection End: RF, BW, SW, NPT, Wafer Type, etc.
Materials (casting): WCB, WCC, LCB, LCC, LC1~3, CF8, CF3, CF8M, CF3M, CF8C, CN7M, CA15, C5, WC5, WC6, WC9, GR4A, etc.
Materials (forging): A105, LF1, LF2, F11, F22, F5, F304, F304L, F316, F316L, F316H, F321, F347, F51, F60, etc.
We handle a wide variety of applications in the gas, oil, refining, chemical, marine, power generation and pipeline transmission industries and have the ability to supply you the valve with different test standard, such as RT, UT, MT and PT. The remarkable quality and unusual service are our WINDMILL person's forever pursue and pledge.

Wenzhou Windmill Valve Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang , China
Cuenta Registrada en : 2009
Tipo de Negocio : Fabricante/fábrica

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