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El control de acceso de huella dactilar

Descripción de Producto

Descripción de Producto

No problem in verifying smeared, stained, and smudged fingers.

There is no need to worry about loss if key or card when using fingerprint as a key.

Teaching a user how registering and deleting own fingerprint will be very easy by using Easy-to-use LCD.

There are three levels of user in all: Super Master, Common Master and Common User.

Once a user is registered, then his fingerprint data can be transmitted to other server through network communication.

There is no need of any lock controller, because there is one in SG20B.

The verification speed is very fast, because all processing is completed in SG20B.

Any communication failure will not result in losing record.

It can be used for Access Control and Time and Attendance.

Fingerprint data as many as 720/1920/4400 templates can be saved in WFA-003.

5000 manage log data and 5000 access log data can be saved in WFA-003. RS485/RS232 interfaces.

In a network system, up to 99 units of WFA-003 can be connected to a PC.

Winner Technology Development Co., Ltd.
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