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Cable de interconexión de fibra óptica de plástico

Descripción de Producto

Descripción de Producto

Plastic Optical Fiber interconnect cable
Why are Hi-Fi lovers fond of optical fiber? Why digital audio optical fiber cable increass so rapidly? For long time, optical fiber has been regarded as such a hi-tech that it is beyond the reach of ordinary customers. Indeed, for its high speed, wide frequency band, extremely low loss, and non-EMT, optical fiber has been used in professional high-speed communication. In the past few years, Saino Electronic Co., Ltd has successfully introduced optical fiber cable into audio field, bringing even ordinary Hi-Fi lovers into a new world of cable technology, and making them enjoy wonder effects brought by optical digital transmission, that is, low distortion, high signal-to-noise ratio, and high idelity.

1. Adopting highly pure Plastic Optical Fiber (POF) medium, digital audio optical fiber cable has clad reflecting layer to prevent phase error and noise, achieving high-fidelity transmission effect.
2. Matched with highly trustable Toslink or φ3.5mm Mini 24K gold-plated plug, transmission of audio signal without distortion or EMI can be achieved.
3. Loss of cable transmission is below 0.2B/m, with inserting loss smaller than 1.5dB, working wavelength 650nm, and largest transmission frequency bandwidth 10MHZ.
4. Be suitable for interconnect between advanced audio equipment, such as CD<->MD, MD<->amplifier, CD<->pre-amplifier, DVD<->amplifier, pre-amplifier<->amplifier.

Kingmax Electric Wire&cable Co., Ltd.
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