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Cubierta de la tetina de silicona (1209)

No. de Modelo: 1209
Marca: mlee

Descripción de Producto

Información Básica
  • No. de Modelo: 1209
Información Adicional.
  • Trademark: mlee
Descripción de Producto

Silicone nipple cover is the ultimate easy solution for instant and seamless nipple coverage. Great for wearing with or without a bra, under t-shirts, sweaters and all kinds of outwear apparel. For dancing and running - days and nights. With nipple enhancer for ultra sexy look.

Silicone nipple cover is also waterproof so you can wear it with all sports and swim wear.

This new silicone nipple cover is made of soft, skin-friendly & high quality silicone adhesive. Washable and reusable more than 30 times, nipple petals are a great value compared to other one-time use disposable nipple covers.

Color: Nude
Composition: 100 silicone
Adhesive backing: Medical grade silica gel

M & Lee Intimate Fashion
Taiwan , Taiwan_China
Cuenta Registrada en : 2006
Tipo de Negocio : Fabricante/fábrica, Empresa Comercial

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