Ji Cai Art Co.,Ltd.

Fabricante/ proveedor chino de Linterna de Papel, Linterna, el Arte Linterna.

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Linterna de papel

Capacidad de Producción: 50, 000 PCS/Year
Código del HS: 20110219
No. de Modelo: 8`` 10`` 12`` 20`` 40``

Descripción de Producto

Información Básica
  • No. de Modelo: 8`` 10`` 12`` 20`` 40``
Información Adicional.
  • HS Code: 20110219
  • Production Capacity: 50, 000 PCS/Year
Descripción de Producto

JiCai artistic lantern Co., LTD

Is a originates from Taiwan kaohsiung gyu lanterns lantern craft Co., LTD artistic lantern manufacturing enterprise, specializing in lanterns product design, development, production and sales. Can design and manufacture different shapes, design change different lanterns, according to the different needs of customers, put forward produce have specific themes such as paper, cloth of different materials lanterns products.
JiCai lanterns extensive use, basically have advertisement lantern, gift lantern, household items lanterns and tourist attractions with lanterns, children hand-cranked lanterns and festival celebrations lantern etc, the biggest characteristic can be used as the enterprise, gifts, promotional products, appearance adornment, highlight image of enterprise and impressive.

[Product name] lantern, Chinese lantern, paper lanterns, advertising lantern, manual lantern, weaving lanterns and work
Art lantern, cloth lantern, gift lantern, solar lantern

[Product Numbers] JICAIART2010

[Craftsmanship] pure manual

[Printing process] can provide you print LOGO addresses telephone url, etc printing process for screen printing, stamping etc manual

[AD] practical beautiful effect quality adornment effect is strong advertising unique let enterprise advertising penetration in invisible

[Size] can customize according to customer's request (30 * 30 for most commonly used size),
[Product color] have all sorts of color lamp paper, cloth selection (company exhibition hall has certain samples)
[Product design] available to users customize individualized single-minded board design or yan
[The medium. ] fire waterproof lanterns paper, cloth, etc

Ji Cai Art Co.,Ltd.
Fujian , China
Cuenta Registrada en : 2011
Tipo de Negocio : Fabricante/fábrica

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