Zhongyuan Shengqi Co., Ltd.

Fabricante/ proveedor chino de Polipasto Eléctrico, Puente Grúa a Prueba de Explosiones.

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Vigas doble grúa de pórtico con gancho (MG)

Precio FOB de Referencia:
US $ 100000.0- 1000000.0 / Pieza
Cantidad Mínima: 1Pieza
Condiciones de Pago: LC
Capacidad de Producción: 200 PCS/Year
Código del HS: 8426193000

Descripción de Producto

Información Básica
  • No. de Modelo: MG
Información Adicional.
  • HS Code: 8426193000
  • Production Capacity: 200 PCS/Year
Descripción de Producto

* Hot air head and mounting head are designed 2 in 1, and have both the auto soldering and Mounting function;
* Color optical system with functions of split vision, zoom - in and micro- Adjustment, equipped with aberration detection device; With auto focus and software Operation function, 22X optical zoom; Able to rework BGA sized up to 70mm× 70mm;
* Touch screen interface, PLC control; Able to display temperature curves and five detecting Curves at the same time;
* Color LCD monitor;
* Built-in vacuum pump; 360° Rotation in Φ Angle; Mounting nozzle is micro-adjustable;
* 6 segments of temperature up (down) and 6 segments constant temperature control, 200 Groups of temperature curve are stored; Curve analysis can be carried out on the touch Screen and has the communication function as computers, with software attached;
* Able to arrive at three independent temperature zones, temperature and time can be Displayed digitally on the touch screen; Able to rework CGA;
* The supports rack can be adjusted to restrain the local sinkage of the BGA soldering area;
* Suction nozzle can identify material and mounting height automatically, and can control the Air pressure within a small range;
* Both upper and lower hot-air heating head are movable on the IR preheating area to fit for Reworking BGA in different positions on PCB;
* Equipped with different alloy hot air nozzles, easy to replace and able to locate in any angle.
* Driven by the servo motor, the integrative hot air head can store 20 groups of different BGA Heating points and register marks.

Zhongyuan Shengqi Co., Ltd.
Henan , China
Cuenta Registrada en : 2012
Tipo de Negocio : Fabricante/fábrica, Empresa Comercial, Otro

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