Chengdu Fscreen Sci-Tech Co., Ltd.

Fabricante/ proveedor chino de Lente de Fresnel, Pantalla de Proyección Trasera, TV de Plasma.

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Lente de Fresnel de 240*240 para la Energía Solar (FFC240)

Precio FOB de Referencia:
US $ 8.00 / Pieza
Cantidad Mínima: 100Piezas
Condiciones de Pago: T/T
Capacidad de Producción: 50, 000 PCS/Month
No. de Modelo: FFC240

Descripción de Producto

Información Básica
  • No. de Modelo: FFC240
Información Adicional.
  • Trademark: Fscreen
  • Origin: Sichuan, China (Mainland)
  • Production Capacity: 50, 000 PCS/Month
Descripción de Producto

Solar Concentrator /Collector
New applications have appeared in solar energy utilization, where Fresnel lenses are used to concentrate sunlight (with a ratio of almost 500: 1) onto solar cells. Thus the active solar cell surface can be reduced to a fraction compared to conventional solar modules. This offers a considerable cost-saving potential by low material consumption, and it is possible to use high-quality and expensive solar cells, which achieve a very high efficiency under concentration due to thermodynamic effects. Fresnel reflectors are also currently being incorporated into next-generation solar thermal energy systems TPV (thermal photovoltaic system).
Characteristics of Fresnel lens made by Fscreen
Energy concentration ratio 75-85%;
Optical PMMA with excellent light transmittance of 90%;
Optimum lens design fit your application;
Size ranged from 30 -2000 mm in diameter;
Dimensions: Usually it's circle, we could make square-shaped by cutting
Effective Diameter: The area of fresnel pattern without border
Effective Focal Length EFL: The distance from the fresnel lens to the focused point
Center Thickness CT: The thickness of lense without consideration for height of peak of lens
Focal Length Tolerance: ± 5%
Dimensional Tolerance: ± 0.1mm
Thickness Tolerance: ± 40%
Transmission: 92% (from 400-1100nm)
Index of Refraction ND: 1.49
Material: Optical PMMA
Operating Temperature (° C): 80 (Maximum)
Solar energy concentration Photovoltaic
CPV (Concentration Photovoltaic)
CPT (Concentration Photothermic)
TPV (Thermal Photovoltaic)
Can make up to dia. 2m
You can order: Fresnel lens design, trial-manufacture and mass production.

Chengdu Fscreen Sci-Tech Co., Ltd.
Sichuan , China
Cuenta Registrada en : 2011
Tipo de Negocio : Fabricante/fábrica, Empresa Comercial

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