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La sangre de perforantes de láser

Estándar: CE
Origen: China

Descripción de Producto

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  • Standard: CE
  • Origin: China
Descripción de Producto

Laser Blood Perforator


1)No cross infection

Traditional acus-pricking blood collection may have many possibilities to lead cross infection, while using Laser Perforator, the non-contact blood collection, there is no worry about infection. In particular, the instant high temperature of laser beam will effectively kill the epidermal germs and performs sterilization of skin surface. What's more, the one-off shield isolates the vaporizing material of skin protein, thus completely cutting off the cross-infection channel.

2)No pain & No psychological stress

Laser Perforator collects blood sample by penetrating skin surface in a limited time. The released energy could only penetrate epidermal tissue while keeping away from nerve. That is why the pain effect is minimized. Without lancet, patients' psychological stress is greatly reduced. This is especially good news for infant and children.

3)High-purity sample blood

Laser Perforator output an extremely high-temperatured laser beam, making the pore form protein denaturation (Gel Status) so as to avoid impurity to mix into blood sample. And thereby the high quality blood sample ensures the accuracy of detection.

4)Easier collection process

Unlike traditional lancet which requires personnel having proficient skills, Laser Perforation can be finished just by pressing a button.

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