La brújula (KC28).

La brújula (KC28).

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Dirección: Huangjiang Town, Dongguan, Guangdong, China
Tipo de Negocio: Fabricante/Fábrica
Rango de Negocios: Artes y Antigüedades, Artículos de Deporte y Recreación, Construcción y Decoración, Industria Ligera y Uso Diario, Juguetes, Mueble, Producto Eléctrico y Electrónico, Productos de Computadora, Ropa y Accesorios, Suministros de Oficina
Introducción de Empresa: Snap Manufacturing Company Limited prides itself in having quality promotional items, toys, premiums and novelty items to serve the needs of even the most discerning customers.

We pride ourselves in having products that meet U. S. And European safety standards and in meeting the delivery schedules of our customer with short production lead times and prompr shipments all the time.

We specialize mainly in patented one of a kind toys, radios, novelty pens, watches, customized sports botles and a wide array of the latest promotional items.

We make it a practice to enforce the strictest quality control measures in the manufacturing of our products and we place the utmost importance in bridging all communication barriers by investing in an extensively trained English speaking staff.

However, the thing that sets us apart the most from the many manufactures in China is our ability to constantly come up with new product designs and creations.

Part of our marketing team is composed of dynamic and highly creative people dedicated exclusively to conceiving and executing exciting product ideas to satisfy calmorous buyers who always seek something new.

Our factory established over ten years ago now has an extensive area of over 70, 000 square meter, and it is fully equipped to handle large scale productions.

To date, we have in our empoly 500 highly-skilled workers assigned to various departsments such as retation and injection moulding, paint spraying, modeling, designing and PVC handling.

Our years of experience in the industry has made us what we are today, an EXPERIENCED, HIGHLY COMPETENT, SOUGHT AFTER and WELL RESPECTED toys, gifts and premiums manufacturer handling various worldwide brand products.

Our offices & factory are located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province.

INNOVATION, QUALITY, EFFICIENCY, DEPENDABILITY, these are the by-words of the brand of service our company is best known for. We invite interetsed buyers to try us out and experience for themselves what gives SNAP MANUFACTURING COMPANY LIMITED the winning edge.
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Última Fecha de Inicio de Sesión: Dec 04, 2007

Tipo de Negocio: Fabricante/Fábrica

Productos Principales: Electronic Items, Roto-Casting Items, PVC Items

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