Hebei Jimao Fiberglass Co., Ltd.

Fabricante/ proveedor chino de Mosquitera, Fibra de Vidrio, Malla Mosquitera.

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Paño de la rejilla de la fibra de vidrio

Precio por Unidad:
US $ 0.3 / Metro Cuadrado
Cantidad Mínima: 1000 Metros Cuadrados
Tiempo Válido del Precio: 8/31/2011 ~ 8/16/2012

Descripción de Producto

Información Básica
  • Material : Fibra de Vidrio
  • Tipo : Tela Geotextil
  • Estilo : PVC Recubierto
  • Patrón : Llanura
  • Anchura : 58/60"
Información Adicional.
  • Trademark: jimao
  • Packing: Roll in Bag,Bags in Carton
  • Origin: China
  • HS Code: 701990000
  • Production Capacity: 1000000square Mtr
Descripción de Producto

Glass fiber grid cloth woven fabrics with glass fiber as the backing material, high resistance by soaking coating emulsions son. Thus has good resistance to alkaline, flexibility and pushing to height, weft are widely used for internal and external wall thermal insulation, waterproof building, anti-crack, etc.Glass fiber grid cloth to alkali fiberglass nets cloth is given priority to, it is used in non-alkali fiberglass yarn (ingredient is Portland, chemical stability by special organization structure) -- leno organization and become, wringing woven after fight lye, strengthening agent contour tepid stereotypes processing.Main performance, features: 1, chemistry stability is good. Alkali resistant, acid resistance and water resistance and cement maceration, and resistance to other chemical corrosion; And resin bond sex strong, soluble in styrene, etc. 2, high strength, high modulus, light weight. Three, dimension stability, dull color. Gives, level off, not easy contraction deformation, positioning ability. 4, impact resistance is better. (for high strength and toughness web cloth good)5, mildew prevent, insect-resistant. 6, fire prevention, insulation, sound insulation, insulation.Main USES are widely used in: 1) wall enhanced materials (such as glass fiber wall nets cloth, GRC wallboard, EPS exterior insulation board, plasterboard, 2) reinforced cement products (such as the Roman column, the flue, etc. )3) granite, marble Mosaic private network slice, back stick nets, 4) waterproofing materials cloth, asphalt waterproofing roof, 5) reinforced plastics, rubber products, the skeleton materials6) fire prevention board, 7) grinding wheel base cloth, 8) road surface, with geogrid9) building caulking belt and so on.

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