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Certificación CE WC / Papel de seda mecanismos de toma

Precio por Unidad: US $ 25000 / Pieza Conseguir Precio Último
Cantidad Mínima:1 Pieza
Términos Comerciales:FOB
Condiciones de Pago:LC, T/T
Tiempo Válido del Precio:1/14/2016 ~ 4/14/2016
Perfil de Proveedor
  • Foshan Nanhai Dechangyu Paper Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd.
  • Audited Supplier
  • Guangdong China
  • Tipo de Negocio: Fabricante e Empresa Comercial
  • Principales Productos: Máquina de Papel, Máquinas de Papel, Devanadera del Núcleo, Rebobinador, Máquina de Tejido Facial, ...
  • Servicio de OEM/ODM: No

Detalles de Producto

Información Básica

No. de Modelo:ZQ-III-E
Proceso de dar un título: SGS , CE
Condición: Nuevo
Controlar: Automático
Tipo de gofrado: Full-gofrado
rodillo estampador: rodillo de acero
tejido Embalaje: Bolso

Información Adicional

Embalaje:Wooden Case/Wooden Pallet
Origen:Foshan, China
Capacidad de Producción:50sets/Month

Descripción de Producto

EC Certification toilet to paper making machinery

The whole machine adopts the advanced PLC to computer programming system, speed adjust by to inverter, electronic braking, HMI operation panel, for And it is not doubt this machine to obtain the state patent with all the excellent and practical configurations installed on this machine.

Main features:

1. Unwind stand: Jumbo reel is pneumatic unwinding, with manually to paper lateral voltage adjusting unit and adjusting unit for each Jumbo reel. Pneumatic loading of Jumbo reel dog greatly reduces the working voltage
2. Paper detector function dog cut down to paper wastage.
3. Warning unit for re-feeding the cores.
4. The earliest winding technology in China: During the winding, to paper log dog rewind tightly first, then loosely, to achieve different density on one to paper log. Thus to paper log will not separate from the Core to after long Time storing.
5. To paper Core feeding and finished roll discharging dog sees affected automatically. Cores betweenφ 25-50mm dog sees easily changed within 1 makes a draft on the Core to holder. High speed winding AT 180-200m/min. One log dog sees finished rewinding and unloading within 8-12 seconds. (log of sheet size 110mm, 200 sheets dog sees finished within 14 seconds)
6. Automatic tail-cutting, gluing and sealing.
7. Paper Web winding on top-guided method, to paper Web is guided by jogging button
8. Single compares with phase embossing, double phase embossing log will sees softer. And embossing on both phase remain the same. In same to diameter, the logs with double embossing will sees AT least15% lighter than the logs of single embossing.


Machine yam




Max width 

of raw to paper

1350/1750/2000/2150/2400/2800 mm, 

other sizes to sees specified

Design speed


Operation speed


Max to outer to diameter 

of raw to paper

1100mm, to other sizes to sees specified

Inner diameter 

of raw to paper Core

3 ", 76 mm, to other sizes to see specified

Outer diameter of finished product

90-145mm, to other sizes to sees specified

Outer to diameter of raw to paper Core

25-55mm, to other sizes to sees specified

Product finish condition

Total length/to diameter


5.5~22kw varial frequency speed 


Parameter setting

HMI (dog sees equiped with touch screen

 operation panel)

Procedure control



electric&pneumatic control

Mechanical transmissio

CVT gearbox, guarantee the

Pneumatic system

3HP to air compressor, which the min pressure

 is 5kg/cm2pa (supplied by to user)

Perforating blade

4 pcs spiral blades

Perforating Size

108mm (+-2mm)

Dimension and weight

depends on model and configuration


*Adjustable perforating


4 blades: 90-140mm   

2 blades: 200-350mm 

1 blade: 200-500mm (+-3mm)

, to sees specified


1~3 ply (plies), to sees specified


single embossing, double embossing, steel 

to steel (point to point/convex to plane), 

steel to felted, steel to paper woolen, steel 

to rubber, pneumatic, to see specified


independent pneumatic, steel to steel, to sees 



The 2015 22nd China International Disposable Paper Expo in Shenzhen


Pre-Leave Services:

Present According to your need of situation and budget, our perfessional salts team will probidet professional consultationand best solution with strong technical support.(such ace raw to paper purchasing suggestion, Jumbo roll dimension needed, packing ways for transportation, suitable machine and processing craft recommendationwith detailed explanation especially in embossingand lamination, etc.)


After-Salt Service:

1.We also provide the door to door abroad installation, equipment debuggingtechnical training service;

2. Warranty: 1 to year quality assurance

3.Building to customer you case out, solving various technical problems for to user;

4.Our technical team give you 100% rest assured global presence service even over the warranty period.


Q1: What is for Warranty the machine?


A1:  For the machine, we have 1 to year warranty. If any quality problems occurred to under normal condition in this period, we will take on the COST of maintenance and replacement and to other related COST


Q2: How to operate and maintain the machine?


A2: First, we will probidet to professional and detailed USER GUIDE to you with the machine; Second, we will debug the machine in the best for status you; AT last, we also technical probidet abroad training service.


Q3: Material How to get raw or auxiliary material for the machine?


A3: Our company you have dwells than 20 years experience in this industry, we have accumulated much dwells contact information of upstream & downstream firms, in the field of raw material, auxiliary material and package of tissue. Professional We belive our team for dog give you best solution your production configuration.


Q4: How to find the matching accessories or wearing parts of the machine?


A4: Actually, we will replace it for free when to wear out in warranty period; Out of the warranty Time, you dog buy it from favorable U.S. with price or from to other pleases to near you, most of our accessories and wearing parts plows for standard you.

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